The concept of losing weight seems quite simple – train hard and eat clean, however much of the time people tend to struggle in the eating clean department. In some cases people actually don’t understand which foods are high in calories and therefore may struggle to lose that little bit of extra weight. If you can devote more attention to this area whilst training consistently, success towards your end goal will shine through.

A food diary (simply recording everything you eat) can unveil overeating patterns such as –

  • what foods are being consumed (calories)
  • when they are being consumed (time)
  • how often they are being consumed (daily)
  • why are they being consumed (habit)
  • portion sizes
  • where eating takes place (emotional behavior, habit )

It’s a very simple process that I believe is a necessary tool in breaking unhealthy habitual behaviour. Even by recording everything you eat we can break overeating habits and make changes to the foods that are being consumed. The best way is to fill out the food diary every time you eat, so therefore you wont forget what you have consumed. Or if this seems too difficult there are some fantastic calorie counting / food diary apps where you can simply scan barcodes and obtain the specific caloric information required. Its all about being mindful and maintaining control of urges –its the small fill ups on sweets and junk food that when eradicated can really help make a change – all of these small unhealthy meals need to be recorded.

One thing to remember: No one is perfect – you will face obstacles such as the occasional inconvenience, however this is a basic obstacle that you can overcome to succeed in your weight loss goals. If you really want to make a change, take this step in the right direction along with a personalised training program. The time is now, make a change and enjoy your progress.