Just like the self-checkout at the supermarket, you can book your next Personal Training and Boot Camp sessions using the scheduler below. For your convenience, you can book up to 28 days in advance. The diary fills up fast so make sure you book up soon to get your preferred time and day. Please scroll down to find out how to use it. 

  1. Select the type of training you would like to schedule:
    • Health and Fitness Assessment: Luke starts every new client with an initial Health and Fitness Assessment during which he will discuss your fitness goals, your medical history, your exercise experience, and your general lifestyle.
    • Personal Training: Once the initial assessment is complete, you can schedule your first Personal Training sessions. 
    • Boot Camp: The beauty of Boot Camp workouts is there is no gym to join, no membership to process, and no enrollment form to complete. Simply schedule your Boot Camp session to get started. 
  2. Pick an available date and decide on an appointment time
  3. Enter your personal information (first and last name, phone and email address)
  4. If you have already bought a pack you can now redeem your package by entering the code that was sent to you in the confirmation email. 
  5. Click "complete the appointment" and you are all set. For your convenience you can now register for an account. 
    Scheduled a session and then life gets in the way? Don’t worry – so long as you give 24 hours’ (Personal Training) / 6 hours' (Boot Camp) notice, there is no charge.