If you want to get fit but are bored of the gym, want to shape up but can’t face exercising alone, want to exercise but aren’t sure where to start, Boot Camps are for you. Qualified, experienced Fitness Professional and Boot Camp Coach Luke Rennie offers Boot Camp training sessions in Zürich, all of which are within easy walking distance of Albisriederplatz. 

What are Boot Camps? 

Boot Camps are outdoor workouts for small groups of exercisers with one simple aim: to push you to become the fittest possible version of yourself. 

Unlike most 1-2-1 gym workouts, you’ll be exercising alongside like-minded people under the expert guidance of Australian-born Fitness Trainer Luke Rennie. The workouts are fun and varied and utilize a range of training methods and equipment. The exercises in the workout are modified to suit your current fitness levels to ensure your workout is both safe and effective.

Boot Camps are very popular all around the world, but not all Boot Camps are the same. Luke is a highly qualified and experienced Coach and Trainer who loves his job and wants nothing more than to make sure you have an enjoyable and productive workout.

His professionalism and attention to detail will ensure that, whether you are new to Boot Camp or have done Boot Camps elsewhere, you have a great workout every time you attend.

What makes a Luke Rennie Boot Camp workout so great? 

Luke limits his Boot Camp groups to a maximum of twelve people. That way, he can ensure he gives you the attention you deserve. If you want to get the most from any exercise, it needs to be performed right, and Luke’s always on hand to make sure your exercise technique is perfect. Because of the small groups Luke insists on, pre-booking is a must.

Such small groups also ensure that Luke can encourage and motivate you to work as hard as you can. However, he’s no sergeant major, so don’t worry about being shouted at army-style; Luke always uses friendly, positive motivation.

With his wide range of qualifications and experience, as well as access to a variety of exercise equipment, no two Boot Camp workouts are the same. This is an important consideration for those exercisers who quickly become bored with repetitive workouts. 

That doesn’t mean the exercise selection is random – far from it. Each workout is carefully designed to deliver maximal results; something that won’t happen if the exercises are selected on a whim. 
Every Boot Camp is built around a combination of strength training and bursts of cardio. This combination of tough but effective forms of exercise has been shown to be one of the best ways to get fit and burn fat. While some of the exercises will be old favourites that you have done before, and can even do at home, some of the exercises will be unique and are only possible in the Boot Camp environment. 

Exercising as part of a group is another big part of the Boot Camp experience. Working out with like-minded people means you will receive and give lots of motivation and encouragement. Some of the drills are done in pairs and while competition is not compulsory, going head-to-head against one of your fellow Boot Campers can bring out your hidden athlete, making you work harder than you would alone – all in the name of friendly competition.

This all adds up to a fun but productive workout that will develop cardiovascular fitness, strength, endurance, mobility, stability while burning calories like a blast furnace. Boot Camps, by their very nature, are also excellent stress busters. Being unplugged from technology and exercising in the fresh air is an excellent way to let off steam and pump up those feel-good hormones; important considerations as stress can have such a negative impact on mental and physical health. 


Boot Camp workouts are always outdoors. This provides the space to do fun and unusual exercises while providing you with access to two of the healthiest resources planet Earth has to offer – fresh air and sunshine. And don’t worry about the rain, there is a covered training venue available, so you won’t have to get wet.

All workouts take place within an easy walking distance of Albisriederplatz in Zürich and at the following times: 

6:30pm to 7:30pm

6:30pm to 7:30pm

10:00am to 11:00am

What to wear?

You’ll soon warm up once the workout starts, so it’s important to dress in layers. Remember, you won’t be getting wet or dirty so wear your regular, comfortable, workout clothes plus an extra outer layer on very cold days. A hat and gloves may also be beneficial but, like the onion, you’ll soon shed those extra layers as the workout hots up! 

In the cold winter months, make sure you also have something warm to wear for your journey home; it’s never a good idea to cool down too fast after exercise. 

Wear whatever workout shoes you prefer but, ideally, choose shoes with decent shock absorbency as you’ll be doing at least some running and jumping activities. 

What to bring?

You don’t need much to participate in a workout – all the exercise equipment is provided. However, to enjoy the workout to the fullest, you should remember to bring: 

  • A sweat towel
  • An exercise mat or another towel to lie on
  • A water bottle and water to stay hydrated
  • Plenty of determination and energy and a positive, upbeat attitude!


The beauty of Boot Camp workouts is there is no gym to join, no membership to process, and no enrollment form to complete. Boot Camps are everything exercise should be – simple, accessible, and beneficial. The only document you’ll need to sign is a standard waiver form.

If you would like to attend a Boot Camp workout, go to the calendar page and book a session. Don’t forget to leave your phone number and email address – Luke will contact you to confirm the location with you. 


Boot Camp workouts are often considerably cheaper than joining a gym as you only pay for the sessions you attend. There is no joining or admin fee – you just pay for your workout.

  • Single session: Fr. 20 – payable on arrival in cash
  • 10 session pack: Fr. 190 – Fr. 19 per session, payable in advance, valid for 13 weeks
  • 20 session pack: Fr. 360 – Fr. 18 per session, payable in advance, valid for 26 weeks
  • 30 session pack: Fr. 510 – Fr. 17 per session, payable in advance, valid for 39 weeks
  • 40 session pack: Fr. 640 – Fr. 16 per session, payable in advance, valid for 52 weeks

Packs are valid between 13 and 52 weeks after purchase. This means that you can join any class during that period and you only pay for the classes that you attend. There are NO HIDDEN COSTS; if you are away and unable to attend for any reason, you don’t have to pay a thing.

Planning to attend a Boot Camp workout and then life gets in the way? Don’t worry – so long as you give six hours’ notice, there is no charge. 

Boot Camps are one of the most enjoyable and effective workouts around, and Luke Rennie Boot Camps are the best! Don’t delay, sign up today or contact Luke for further information.